Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control

Door Access & Time Attendance System

PowerBuilder’s award‐winning Fingerprint Attendance Department (FAD) has been operating since 2004, and provides biometric and RFID solutions for logging staff attendance and controlling access to secure areas. FAD products are commonly used in offices, factories, schools and other such buildings with multiple users.


Our products use state of the art technology to provide our clients with secure, effective solutions. These solutions are backed up with plenty of support, including free video guides, user manuals, free software and most importantly, a well‐trained customer support team.


PowerBuilder’s FAD track record speaks for itself, with a long list of happy customers including government offices, institutions, F&B outlets, chain stores, factories and corporate offices. Our products are sold throughout Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.


Using our fingerprint scanners, face recognition systems and/or RFID tags, users can punch in and punch out of work, log overtime and gain access to secure areas automatically, without any manual intervention.

Our Products / Services
Fingerprint Time Attendance

Vigilance Fingerprint Time Attendance Readers mainly for Employees Attendance purposes. Effectively avoid buddy punching. Suitable for factories, retail shops, restaurants and etc

Fingerprint Door Access Control

Vigilance Fingerprint Readers for Door Access Control & Time Attendance purposes. Suitable for offices, factories, schools and other multi-occupancy buildings.

Barrier Gate

Effectively increase premium prestigious impression of guard house entrance at any high end lifestyle residential or premium commercial building.

Benefits of our solutions include

Eliminating buddy punching.

Eliminating manual calculation of work hours, overtime etc.

Eliminating the need for punch cards.

Reducing time spent on time reporting.

Eliminating inflated overtime (OT) claims.

Reducing/eliminating the need for keys and access cards.

Reducing space required. & Allowing remote access to secure areas.

Increased productivity from employees.

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